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  1. No I've just been a fan for 40+ years and hate solid negativity
  2. Now thats a refreshing reply here on CDC, thank you and yes he did call you poopy pants
  3. Legacy of the past maybe, I think Benning has had some good signings/trades lately ie Miller Schmidt Demko Hamonic Pearson. I think we have to remember that ownership hired rookie GM and President at the same time, that was the biggest mistake of all and even though Benning made some bad decision in his first few years I see him as improving and learning from his mistakes
  4. That makes too much sense for several people on here to understand....Cheers
  5. No way, OJ has been too limited on his ice time and when he has been in the lineup he has been good. He'll for sure be a top 4. I see you like to shout loudly about the misses that JB has had at the draft but what about his hits? Several home runs as I see it and the best GM at drafting in Canucks history
  6. Juolevei was not a miss, he has had injury issues and now seems to be fine and will be a top 4, JV is a bust but in JB defence no GM bats 100% and considering what he has done with our prospect pool I'll forgive him on the few picks he may have missed on
  7. Wouldn't you say we stole Miller and Schmidt, my point is Benning is improving every year with his signings and trades
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