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  1. I agree on Julien but to wait 20 games? Our season could be over by then
  2. Noway, we need time to recover this season. Can't wait much past 10 games if things are going this bad in order for us to put in a new coach and rebound quickly to have a chance at the playoffs
  3. If the team continues in this direction and Green doesn't loose his job by game #10 then Benning risks loosing his job
  4. Well theres a difference between making the dog and getting the dog into your mouth. I sympathize with you
  5. Look, all the new players, on paper were better, the only thing the same is the coaching. Im not saying Benning may not loose his job at the end of the season but Green has to pay the piper early and replaced with a good experienced coach and then if we have the same problems then Benning will have to go as well
  6. I know its early, I understand sometimes, especially with a bunch of new players, it takes time to gel but this really looks like a coaching problem. Team looks confused, lack of focus, positioning and blah special teams. I have a feeling Greens days are numbered and JB has no choice in the matter. Its sad because I like Green but we don't have time to wait for us to be in a hole this season or JB may loose his job as well.
  7. Sadly I have to agree. Never been a "Fire Green"guy, but we cannot wait too long and I hope JB has Green on a short leash
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