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  1. I'm with you except with the gaping hole thing, I don't think loosing Brock will leave us a gaping hole. JB will fill that void short term until our prospects are ready like Podz, Lind or Hogs
  2. Depends when the right hockey trade is on the table, no one knows when that will be
  3. Our cap dumps won't interest Florida, it will have to be a main piece like Brock with sweetners. Im sure Benning will be loosing one or two of our over paid players this season with the success that we just had. Im sure he realizes the time is now and its earlier than what was expected.
  4. You know thats not a bad option either, and I agree I love OJ and feel he will be top 4 as well. But Ekblad is ready right now and has a track record and does make us better than if we go after Cernak. Brock with OJ and a 1st allows us to keep Tanev as well which I like the idea of or maybe JB has a better idea of getting both Ekblad and Cernak
  5. Value right now is lower than prior years with Covid and no cap increase. I think it could be Brock, OJ and a 1st round pick in 2021. and I'd do that
  6. Your not sure about that or is anyone here on CDC. Brock with a pick and a prospect can get it done
  7. It also allows us to not give up as much, with Brock as the main piece we shouldn't have to add much
  8. Because Jake, Guadette etc don't carry the value to get us what we need. If we don't sign Tafolli I can see us keeping Brock but to improve our defense right away a move like this has to be made. We have high end prospects on the way for forwards in Podz, Lind & Hogs so Brock is the one under contract that we can leverage his value to balance out our team. Its not that anyone doesn't like Brock, including myself but its a hockey trade. A need for need as they say