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  1. What a weak Dman list,honestly shocking the lack of a plan there. Rebuild coming again soon.
  2. Thought once they bought out a Dman they'd move quickly on someone to replace him,guess not.
  3. Reminds me of my reaction when Edmonton was pretty good and then got McDavid. We're in good shape. But we definitely need a defenceman who will maul people,way too soft back there after Schenn left.
  4. 11th isn't bad considering the team is pretty close to functional.
  5. Considering they weren't supposed to be this bad,it makes sense they'd find their talent again eventually.
  6. Did the team get hosed again on a trade?Beauvillier at the time was not worth a Horvat.
  7. Beauvillier was a good pickup and Kuz was a good re-sign. Now to get rid of the other dandies who are floating.
  8. Beauvillier has filled Horvats spot pretty well,was concerned by his numbers before but he seems to still have the skill.
  9. Wasn't Gonchar an offensive Dman?I don't remember him being a defensive dynamo. Could have hired Ohlund and got a better effect,lol.
  10. They also don't want the team they were on to be laughing stocks for a decade.
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