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  1. I think getting shut out twice because your systems are readable should get you fired. It was a miracle they came back at all and they can't lean on Hughes so much on the point.
  2. I think we can dump Markstrom now,he's gonna be too expensive. Need to eject Erikson though for sure and get some younger replacements for Edler and Tanev. Toffoli seems useful so I would try to keep him.
  3. Yeah,we need someone who can beat the ass off the net runners.
  4. I thought he ran off before end of season or had 1 year left.
  5. So does he just get to ditch his original contract?That is BS,lol.
  6. If it comes back everyone will be rusty,will be pretty unfair all around.
  7. Their failure on the power play continues.0/3 for this team is abysmal.