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What are you listening to?

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1 hour ago, Canuck Surfer said:

So when I was 18?


I worked in a record store for my first job.  Mentioned taking my Dad to see Midnight Oil, Crowded House here once or twice? Free tickets, my friends did not know who these Aussie bands were. So I went with Dad. 


My 1st payday, I had made friends with this guy in shipping / receiving. He unpacked sh!t while I mopped floors. He was a muso, played bass in a country band. Like me, worked there so he could be around music. Except I knew notta thing!   I asked him to pick me a record and I would buy and listen to it.  No matter what.


He said listen to this; Jeff Beck plays on the guitar & you said your mum was a hippy. I got 'cha!


Hurdy Gurdy Sessions by Donavan...  


He tripled my love for music, it was so good! I never forgot! Here is another super groovy tune. Austin Powers would wet himself. You posted Suzzi Quattro the other day, She sings backup vocals.



Most of the time I see this album cover, the first thought through my head is how did Barbara Streisand's album end up in the "d" s?

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22 minutes ago, Muttley said:

you could say they ended up doing not too bad...::D


Sounds (better even back then) remarkably like...


I always thought the S' Dogs were illegitimate children found in Lodi; sent to a Hutterite orphanage outside Winnipeg?  :lol:


1 hour ago, Muttley said:



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1 hour ago, Wolfgang Durst said:

Listening to Boogie Woogie makes me feel great. Found out just recently how great Boogie Woogie sounds. Creates tons of good vibes and makes me feel really happy.





Check into a fellow named Freddy 'fingers" Lee- a fantastic piano player- does some amazing songs.

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