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Repo! The Genetic Opera. ---100/10. Serious contender for worst movie ever made. Up there with Battlefield Earth and Showgirls. That bad.

Just picked it up at the video store for the hell of it and figured it couldn't be worse than the Canucks' loss to Phoenix tonight.

I was wrong.

Horribly, horribly wrong.

Even if you like bad movies, avoid this one like the plague. When Paris Hilton is in something and she's not even noticeably worse than anything else in it, you know you've got an all-encompassing failure on your hands. It's hard to understand how this movie could be made. Didn't anyone involved with it even read the script? It's also hard to believe a piece of media could be this bad and not rip a hole in the fabric of space/time and destroy the universe.

That bad. You have been warned.

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