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Once upon a time in the West 9/10

Sergio Leone 1968 spaghetti western. As good as the Good the bad and the Ugly.

Henry Fonda great bad guy

Charles Bronson as the good guy and

Jason Robards is great

But Claudia Cardinale is bloody spectacular! What a babe!

Watched the whole thing on Utube. Good quality.

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Watchmen 5/10

the visual effect gets the majority of the points, the effect is one of the best and is very very good.

the storyline is.... average, but there's just too much things going on in the movie and is so hard to understand the storyline

when the director squeeze a 5 hour long information into less than 2 hours moive.

Overall is worth to watch, the visual effect is pretty cool, seriously

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I'll comment on the last few that I've seen.

Slumdog Millionaire - 7.5/10. Good movie, not great. The cinemetography was worth it alone.

Watchmen - 3/10. Very dull. Movies are rarely on par with the books, but this was just a snoozefest, which I sort of expected.

Role Models - 6.5/10. Good rental, and enough laughs to keep it interesting. I wouldn't watch it again though.

Zack and Miri - 1/10. First off, Kevin Smith films are overrated, and this isn't any different. This is the first movie I can actually remember turning off half way through; and it wasn't because I was offended, but only because I was bored beyond belief. I love Rogen and Banks is great, but this was a misfire in every regard.

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