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time for the return of the WWI movie! No Hollywood, that does not mean remake 'All Quiet on the Western Front.'

Synecdoche, New York - 6/10

- as a huge Charlie Kaufman fan I hoped for more but the surrealism simply didn't play. I'm certain I'd enjoy it more on subsequent viewings though which might happen. Not sure.

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The Color Purple - 7.5/10

Finally got around to seeing it. The acting was outstanding (particularly Oprah...who knew?), and some parts were definitely entertaining, but overall it wasn't cohesive enough for me to rate it worth the critical acclaims it received.

Role Models - 7/10

Had some good laughs, but I was hoping for more. Didn't like Paul Rudd's character much...whereas I usually love the guy.

Paul Blart, Mall Cop - 5/10

Cute, but some parts were genuinely awful. Worth a viewing if you want a family film, but nothing more.

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The movie is over by that point. Decreasing points because of a bonus tribute to Bollywood (which you obviously don't 'get') in the credits is kind of stupid.

What you're basically saying is that running the credits along a black backdrop would make the film better.

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