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Republican 2012 Presidential Nominee

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2012 Presidential Election  

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Although most of us Canadians cannot vote, this has a huge impact on Canada and we should be watching closely.

I would prefer Obama win in 2012 at least over most of the candidates at the moment because I think his weak performance so far has been mostly out of his control.

Ron Paul has really intrigued me with his foreign policy and views on civil liberties but his views on abortion and other social issues are often in conflict with my own.

Gary Johnson seems like the most sane and decent of the bunch. He is a fiscal conservative which I think would work well in these times unless you are follower of Keynes but is pretty libertarian socially being pro choice and pro decriminalization. Also he has opposed the Iraq War, getting involved in Libya and the Afghanistan mission beyond the first six months. I haven't heard very much about his foreign policy but he certainly seems like he would tone it down quite a bit overseas.




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When it comes to abortion, he does have a point. If you smash your car in to a pregnant womans, and kill her baby, its murder, yet its perfectly okay to murder that same kid if it is the choice of the mother.

I do agree there are curcumstances where it is necessary, but for the most part, i think DR Paul has a valid point. You cannot pick and choose when regarding the value of life. Either it is precious, or it isn't.

I reserve my judgment on Paul though. He sure has hi street cred, but so did obama, and look how much change he has brought (mainly regarding th war)

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Mitt Romney is easily the best and most sane choice from the GOP. He has shown to be liberal with his decisions in the past, and I legitimately think that he can contribute to fixing the deficit America has.

Obama just hasn't show the ability to do so.

I wanna see what Romney can do, but another 4 years of Obama wouldn't be the worst thing.

Rick Perry and Bachmann are psycho. Ron Paul is very extreme with some of his views. He wants to pull all foreign aid overseas which would be extremely detrimental.

Gary Johnson would be the best, but there's no way he's gonna win.

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I think the American media has a huge affect on who wins and Obama has done everything the real govt wants done. He's expanded the wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan. He captured Lybia from China and American oil companies are chomping at the bit to get going on Lybia's oil fields. Obama has aslo made progress in South America and regained some of the influence Bush had lost.

I don't see the media and the power brokers who are really in control letting Obama lose.

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Oh my, this topic is depressing to think about. Obama better win the next election, because the only GOP candidates who have a realistic chance of winning the nomination are: Rick Perry (George Bush v2.0 but dumber), Michelle Bachmann (insane bigoted psychopath), or Mitt Romney (corrupt corporate robot). The idea of having any of them as president is extremely scary.

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I haven't paid that much attention but I liked what I read about Tim Pawlenty. Unfortunately, he dropped out of the race a while back and has since endorsed some other candidate. But I was reading an article on a conservative website that suggested that Pawlenty might be a good VP pick for Perry (who has definitely moved out in front among the other nominees).

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