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What is your Most Nostalgic Video Game?


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Super Mario RPG: My first ever RPG at the age of 8. Everything about it: the music, art, gameplay, characters, storyline.

Mario 64: One of the greatest.

Pokemon Blue

Diablo 2: Countless hours killing Mephisto -_-. Such a great co-op game.

I Love Katamari: Nothing like a game of Katamari to take your mind off things. Great music, beautiful soft colours.

I wish I had time to revisit these games. I mean I probably do, but the guilt...

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Diablo, The first time you jam Diablos soul shard or whatever it is into your own forehead was a great WTF? moment.

Starsige Tribes, the original, the first game to show what wideopen fast outdoor multiplayer could be. Unfortuantely its still, over 10 years later, the best of its kind. Teh haloz are a joke in comparison.

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Sonic on Sega...I also remember playing Little Big Adventure, Quake II and Curse of Monkey Island on PC. The game I was addicted to the most and actually kicked a lot of ass in was Age of Empires: Rise of Rome (expansion)...used to play that for hours after school on Zone.com!!

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Super Mario World

Super Mario Bros 3

Sunset Riders

Kirby Superstar

Mario 64

Zelda: OoT

Super Smash Bros: Melee

I think I absolutely have to throw FFX in there.

Just read NickiShiz's post and I totally forgot about Sonic. I played the heck out of those games, especially Sonic 2 and Sonic and Knuckles.

Okay, okay....there's more.

Pokemon Blue and also Gold.

Mario Kart 64.

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I would have to say, duck hunt/super mario bros.

Before nes I had an atari, we got our nes for christmas. I have fond memories of my mother, sister and I amazed by the fact you could shoot at the screen to kill the ducks.

similar experience was with the nintendo 64. My mom couldn't believe her eyes at the level of graphics..she was pretty old school

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