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Your Top Camping Spots In British Columbia


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Gordon Bay, just outside of Lake Cowichan on Vancouver Island. I couldn't get cell reception to listen to the game last year against the Sharks in the playoff's, but everytime we scored the whole campsite went nuts, people would honk their horns when we scored, it was good. Beautiful spot, lots of good dirt bike trails if your into that.

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Haven't camped in years. Don't really plan on it, but have enjoyed many a good roadside party camping expedition in the following locations:

Harrison (sorry GP) ... Sasquatch campground, where racoons like to feast on anything in Tupperware

Alouette Lake? River?

Loon Lake (White Moose "Resort"....some fine, one room lakefront cabins if you want to rough it a little more comfortably. Owners are great - Katy & Vern? Or the Loon Lake Provincial camp site.)

Used to have a place down the road from the Birch Pay Campground (USA)....that was "camping" for those who wanted the experience without going too far away/into rough country).

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Jones Lake (Wahleach Lake)

Just before Hope off Highway 1. A 10 minute bumpy dirt road up the mountain but definitely worth it.

Its free, between mountains, family and non family camping areas with washrooms (No shower). Went there with my friends, had a blast. Pretty much isolated up in the mountains, quiet and good for party goers like us and families.

I read that you need an off road vehicle but me and my friends made up with a Acura CSX, 93 Ford Mustang, Toyota Corolla and Mazda MX6 with no problem or bottoming out. Just don't go to fast, there's some pretty big holes.


Here's info


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