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  1. No way I’d trade Motte for a 2nd round pick. You’d hope that the 2nd rounder pans out to be a player like Motte. Too much of a gamble.
  2. If it is Debrusk, I think JB may add a pick. Maybe a 3rd or 4th
  3. Sounds like DeAngelo got into it with Georgiev postgame, and Kreider stepped in and popped Tony in the face
  4. I haven’t been too impressed with Schmidt so far, but hope he turns up his play once he gets used to the defensive system.
  5. I’d do a Virtanen for Lawson Crouse swap. Maybe Crouse can bring what Virtanen has been lacking.
  6. So because of injuries and a possible suspension, our defenceman for the next game is looking something like: Hughes-Schmidt Juolevi-Chatfield Sautner-Briesbois ???
  7. Now there’s a name I forgot about. Stanton was a solid depth guy for us.
  8. He’s 35, going on 36. I doubt he’s gonna breakout, more likely to decline even more.
  9. Wasn't it Jimmy Vesey that said not to worry because he would sign with the Preds, then bailed? Some prospects say things like this just to save face; I really hope Gaudette isn't one of them, especially after seeing those Tweets from a while back.
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