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  1. He’s still good defensively, and can win faceoffs. Not to mention he can probably contribute some points. Imagine him on our third line :0 So much size, imagine this line crumbling top lines in the playoffs. Pearson-Getzlaf-Podkolzin But he’ll probably sign for $3 or $4 million somewhere else.
  2. If he was apart of those sexual allegations in Chicago, then good riddance.
  3. Tyler Boucher doesn’t look too thrilled to be picked by the Sens
  4. I don’t know if OEL would be able to hit 40+ points consistently. Quinn Hughes quarterbacks our first unit PP, so OEL would be pushed to the second unit. And we all know that our first unit stays out for 75% of the power play, so OEL would barely get minutes. Hopefully his 5 on 5 offensive play is decent.
  5. F***** disgusting. The Hawks players, especially their “leaders,” should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. But of course, they’re only sorry once they’re caught. Disgrace. Makes me sick.
  6. I’ve heard he’s being bought out
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