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Quebec To Have A New Nhl Arena

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Commissioner Bettman says building a new arena won't guarantee a city an NHL franchise. But the chances are still there:

QUEBEC -- It's official -- Quebec City says it will begin construction on a new NHL-style arena this September.

Mayor Regis Labeaume says the $400-million arena will hold about 18,000 people.

The arena is expected to be complete by September 2015 -- now all the city needs is a team to play in it.

The Quebecor media empire landed the naming rights for the future arena and was granted exclusive rights to manage the facility.

Labeaume says the city can proceed with the project after finalizing an agreement with Quebecor before a March 31 deadline.

The province and Quebec City have pledged millions in taxpayer money for the project.


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Bye bye Phoniex Coyotes

Quebec is for sure going to get a team after this, but I think they will end up like the Ottawa - Toronto situation, Toronto has the mass majority of fans in the province. But Ottawa still generates a lot more money than most american franchises

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This does not guarantee a team in the slightest. Kansas City has an empty 18k arena too, and leverage as the LA Kings owner, owns that arena, not to mention there is a potential buy who wants to put a team their.

I would much rather see a team in Quebec City, but a lot more things have to happen first. This will not be an over night process like the Jets/Thrashers.

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Guest The Brown Burrows

Smart move, the NHL needs money so somebody will be gone, hopefully it's the Columbus Blue Jackets (I'd rather have Phoenix stay ; Western Team / Columbus is more of a Eastern one even though they are in the Western Conference).

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