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[P G T ] - Canucks Eliminated


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Said it in the game thread and I will say it here like I did after last year but with even more blech.

Failed season, no doubt. Some may try to put some lipstick on this pig, but Nucks blew it again is all that happened this year. LA will get demolished in round 2 because Nucks lost the games more then LA won them. There will be some serious moves made in the offseason to right this ship before it hits the proverbial iceberg.

Not much else to say except I could hive a rat who wins the cup this year.

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Sooo... Who to get rid of this off-season? :P

Kesler? Did not utilize his linemates at all... Anyone notice how Booth, and Higgins improved their play after they were put on a different line? Also gave the puck away whenever he was in the offensive zone...

Lu? Cory has proved that he's the number one guy here.

Raymond? nuff said.

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