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Updates On Injured Players

Durl Dixsun

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Lets all take a little break from the Luongo and Schneider Threads...

Anyone know the Updates on:

Steven Pinizzotto

he had a solid pre-season, could have played on line 3, i believe its a shoulder injury.

Aaron Volpatti

lead with hits early in the season, i believe he also had a shoulder injury.

anyone got any reliable sources on these two are doing and if they will return?

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I think I heard that Aaron Volpatti was going to be ready for round two

I don't think Pinizotto was close yet. Maybe the finals if we had made it there. But even then, he's missed a whole season so he wouldn't be up to game speed.

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Both are solid 4th liners but I don't see them making it beyond that.

That said, the Volpatti-Lapierre-Weise line was by far our most effective 4th line all season. None of our other 4th line arrangements came even remotely close. Hope to see it back for good next season. The chemistry between these three players was unbelievable, not knocking any of our players but this line was most definitely greater than the sum of its parts.

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I have a hard time seeing Volpatti - Lapierre - Weise getting meaningful minutes in the playoffs.

I liked what Pinizzotto brought to the table, but again, watching the Canucks play in the playoffs with three lines year after year makes me wonder if it's AV or if we just don't have good enough 4th line.

Higgy with Burr and Pahlsson on the third line. Hansen with Lappy and Bitz/Kassian on the fourth line. Then we really would have the most skilled bottom 6. Hopefully Jensen makes the team next year so we can have this trickle down effect.

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