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I'd love for them to make coaches and GMs.

So let's say you're playing BAGM and Chicago proposes a trade offer, the screen says "Stan Bowman from Chicago is on the line", shows a picture of him and whatever he's offering.

Same with coaches. You could fire one and see a list of available coaches(generic and real ones)

Unfortunately the rights to getting these guys would be virtually impossible but a cool feat it would be.

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World Jr's in BAP mode, WC / Olympics in BAP & Be a GM mode.

All time Records for both league and teams.


Bring back line chemistry

Team Loyalty rating so that some players may sign for less

Injury Reserve

More GM front office upgrades

More front office options like ticket pricing, not every game for the Panthers is going to be a sellout. Plus marketing features like ice girls, entertainment.

National Anthems(skippable of corse)

More in game stat presentations. When a player takes a penalty it should show him in the box and then show name/penalty. Then pan out to the faceoff where its shows the team pp/pk. Also should track all time stats so if say Henrik moves into 10th all time scoring it shows the other 9.

Also should sim the games while your's is playing then display it on a tracker that pops up from time to time like Madden use to, it can also show trades like MLB the show does during the game. "Folks we had a big trade today..."

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Update HUT alternate jerseys, player cards etc, every month

Make arenas more realistic, so every arena is different like in real life

Demand trade and make be a pro more realistic, and better

There should be options to choose which commentators you want for a game, and for online the home team picks it (Thorne & Clement are boring now) or replace Thorne & Clement with Hughson and Simpson

After a goal horn include the real goal song to go with it (Online)

Put the real coaches and assistants and trainers on the bench

Put more custom celebrations

There should be goalies injuries shown when you're in a game

When your starting a game, and it says loading, instead of that you should shoot on the net like in pregame or show your locker room getting ready, so better intro

Bring back free for all

Be able to hire and fire coaches in Be a GM

There should also be Hall of Fame inductions in Be a GM

Also retire numbers in Be a GM

Better Cup celebrations

Add more refs

Add NTC's and NMC's

Get drafted properly like in real life, at the podium

Add the real international jersey's

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Couple more things:

- Be able to do more than one celly at once like in NHL 11 (swimming for example)

- For every shutout in Be a Pro, you get 2 experience points added to each category. For HUT, you get an extra 200 pucks

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