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David Booth-Y You Shoot Bear?!


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Why did you shoot a Bear and think we need to see it? We get it, you're a "manly man". I guess you have a problem being able toi afford food for your family, so you need to shoot Bears. Or right, it was for PLEASURE ONLY. You tweet: "Just killed a Chara sized bruin! 7ft black bear- 21in skull.” Wow thanks for shooting a Chara sized black bear for us all!!! How did I know you would try and put some stupid Boston Bruin Spin on the end of this animals life?!...Want to go blast animals while still getting your rocks off and still be able to help feed familes? Go to Texas and Louisiana or whatever and shoot those stupid Hogs that are taking over and donate the meat to needy families.

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Perfectly legal activity that I don't agree with but he and a lot of my friends are hunters so go for it.

Just because you don't like the sport shouldn't mean you can tell someone else they can't do it.

I hate having people spewing religion in my face but don't make a big deal out of it and I'm not going to tell them they shouldn't have their beliefs.

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