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To New Jersey: Booth, Raymond, 1st

To Vancouver: Zajac, Jannsen (sp?)

New Jersey gets two potential top six wingers for one and they get a first round draft pick. If they can't sign Parise, they will definetely need more wingers.

Canucks get a solid centerman which I feel we need in our second line spot, as Kesler is more suited for the wing position. I feel that with this aquisition, Kes can move up to play with the Sedins, and that line finally has a great elite player who is physical and can score. Not taking anything away from Burrows, but Kesler would just put that line over the top. Now, with Zajac coming here, hopefully this will lure Parise to sign here :P. yes, I know, a long shot, but you never know.

This is my proposed line up:




Parros-Malhotra-Jannsen (sign Parros - UFA)

I think Kassian needs 1-2 more years in the AHL, he's not ready for the big club IMO.

As for our D, hopefully we can get Schenn in a Luongo trade, and sign Garrison fron FLA:




I feel that second line is what makes us so much more dangerous. I love Booth, but there is no chemistry between him and Kes or the twins. He is overpaid for what he can produce.

What Do you guys think?

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I think kesler will be the second line centre next year.. Regardless of how many armchair gm's think kesler is better suited for the wing, the experts know kesler is one of the best 2way centres in the league.

Why give up booth and a first just so you can try kesler(won a selke at centre) on the wing is the way I feel. People seem to be throwing him under the bus after this season but I feel he was just trying to hard to get his scoring touch back. The puck hogging seemed to come about when he couldn't find the back of the net. Seemed to me, instead of looking for line mates and making plays, he just squeezed his stick too hard and tried to break his slump. He's learned his lesson and will come back smarter this year and not expect greatness right out of the gate.

Basically unless kesler is gone we won't be getting a second line centre. Possibly just depth untill he returns.

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