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i thought canucks played bad against bruins


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*Canucks fans*:

Canucks score 8 goals in 7 SCF games - "Luongo sucks!!!"

*New Jersey fans*:

Devils scored 2 goals in 3 SCF games - "Need to get better offense!"

....Be ashamed Vancouver 'fans'.

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So are 'we' re-hashing the Bruins/Canucks which would make this thread redundant..or are 'we' bitching about New Jersey.....in which case, it isn't Canucks Talk.

And I like pumpkin pie too.....anyone up for a pumpkin pie thread?


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What did you even say? I don't understand 9 year-old language - could you translate what you said into English?

Yete, yet another poster that I'm not sure why I click on his topics.

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New Jersey isnt nearly as solid a team as the Canucks were, they got hot at the right time, their role players played well.

Canucks were an uber skilled team that got embarrassed by a bigger stronger tougher opponent.

Canucks just got bullied into submission.

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