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Top 10 Most Wanted Vancouver Rioters


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I'm sure some of you around here can ID these losers.


Alleged to have assaulted a Good Samaritan.


Assault of Good Samaritan, Break and Enter to London Drugs.


Assault of Good Samaritan, Mischief to vehicle.


Assault of Good Samaritan, mischief to vehicle.


Assault of Good Samaritan.


Assault of Good Samaritan.


Assault of Good Samaritan.


Assault of Good Samaritan.


Assault of Good Samaritan.


Assault of Good Samaritan x2, Break and Enter to The Bay, Mischief to Bank of Montreal, Mischief to vehicle.

There are about 200 suspects the cops would like IDed here: https://riot2011.vpd.ca/

A lot of them appear high school aged, and are easily identifiable.

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I really hope they get these guys... and girl.

Doesn't matter who you are or what you do, what they did was wrong and deserve full punishment for thrashing our beautiful city.

On a side note the 2nd guy in black and last guy in white piss me off cause you know for sure they weren't there for the Canucks game.

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At least we know where they work. Number 3 and 4 are both Globe and Mail guys, 5 is a CBC chick and 6 a CTV dude. I have no idea what kind of company IRIT-01012 is, but I do know his hand works in a different part of that company, seeing as it is IRIT-01012-1.

Wish I could be more of a help.

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