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[Proposal] Canucks, Flyers, Jackets

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To Columbus: Ilya Bryzgalov, James Van Riemsdyk

To Philadelphia: Roberto Luongo, Vancouver 2nd round pick, Derek Dorsett

To Vancouver: Scott Hartnell

Why for Columbus: Right now Ilya Bryzgalov seems like one of the worst contracts in the league HOWEVER a year ago he was considered one of the best goalies in the league and warranted that contract. Philly was a failed experiment for him but in a smaller market Western Conference team he has been very successful (Phoenix). Columbus badly needs a long term goaltender and with free agents not wanting to sign there, Bryzgalov is worth the risk.

On top of this the Jackets get one of the best young power forwards with potential in the game. He immediately takes a spot alongside Johansen and should stay there for years. He is also signed long term so cannot walk away in free agency. With Nash possibly leaving, JVR replaces him.

With Bryzgalov having negative value right now, the Jackets take a big financial gamble that has potential to have huge payoff for them in the long-run. While only giving up Dorsett, they can gain their star goalie (if he re-gains his Phoenix form) and a star power forward.

Why for Philadelphia:

GM Paul Holmgren gambled big when he signed Bryzgalov to a huge deal. The experiment failed. A goalie as mentally fragile as Ilya needs to be in a smaller market. They will clearly have to pay big to get rid of him, which they do in this deal. Philadelphia gains tons of cap space (to help re-sign guys like Carle & Voracek & Jagr) in this deal and gets their long-term proven goalie for the next 6-7 years. Philadelphia has lots of good young forwards and can afford to lose two guys, even though Hartnell and JVR are core guys. Dorsett is a welcomed addition up front and will fill a role on the third line.

Why for Vancouver:

Although it may be ideal for the Canucks to try to get good young players in return for Luongo, realistically they would only get that for Schneider. In this deal the Canucks get the perfect player to help fill out their roster...Hartnell. Big, strong, can pass and score right winger with tons of playoff experience. He would be great beside Booth and Kesler or beside the Sedins. He is a big piece to the Canucks puzzle.

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what a horrible trade for Vancouver........ we lose Booth & Luongo for Scott Hartnell, that's just brutal........Columbus gets JVR & Bryzgalov for Umberger, underpayment for Columbus, but, says thank you for the HUGE salary cap hit for Bryzgalov for the next several years of underwhelming goaltending, ........as Pavel Datsyuk said earlier "Do you even think before making a proposal?'

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