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Van-Nsh freshness away from luongo (no weber)

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With Nsh losing suter for nothing they obviously have a hole to fill. Now who knows if Ellis or Blum are going to have a great year next season or not i think Nashville will wanna go into the season with a sound looking D core like they usually like to have.

Van is looking to get younger and bigger and Nashville has a few young fowards that i think Van should be interested in:

Colin Wilson

Nick Spaling

Craig Smith

Gabriel Bourque

bourque is smaller at 5'10 while all the others are 6'1

wilson is the biggest at 6'1 210 pounds.

Could Nashville look at aquireing keith ballard? he has struggled in Vancouver but was a great defensmen in Fla and playing on a defensivly sound team he could shine.

So the question is which younster would you like to get out of Nashville and what would it take... just ballard, ballard and a prospect or ballard and a pick.

Have fun with it or just flame it idc :P

Personally i would want.

To Van:

Craig Smith

4th round pick

To Nash:

Keith Ballard

Mason Raymond

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freshness? To me this is the same old Ballard's proposal.

The only way we get rid of Ballard, is if a team takes a chances on him. And the only chance they will take is via picks and prospect, nothing more. At best we could get a 2nd round pick.

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I'd like it if

Ballard + another D prospect/ pick get swapped to Nashville for Colin Wilson, who's used as the 3rd line center (potential Top 4 player for the Preds in exchange for a hard worker's RFA rights; Colin's spot with the team isn't even a certainty, as the Nashville Tennesseean suggested):

the 22-year-old is still very difficult to figure out. He matched his career-high point total by the end of Februrary with 34, but had just one more point after that. The acquisitions of

Paul Gaustad


Andrei Kostitsyn

at the trade deadline didn't help his playing time or his role, and he became a a healthy scratch in all but two contests after March 15, beginning the playoffs as one, too. He didn't play until Game 2 of the second-round series, scoring in Game 5

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We need to keep Ballard for now because our defensive top six depth is questionable. Yes, we have several guys that can play in Ballard's position if he was gone, but do you want Joslin or Alberts there for all 82 games and then in the playoffs as well? And what if sustain another injury with Tanev, Bieksa, and so on, then everyone moves up the order by one.

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craig smith missed an open net, and put the puck in the parking lot!!! raymond probably isnt going anywhere until he becomes a UFA. and maybe ballard has underachieved here so far, but if gillis is going to unload him, it will be to a team that needs to get to the cap floor.

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