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Alright so I'm aware that after matching Philly's contract offer they can't trade Weber for one year. Since he's making 26 million in the first year due to a 13 million dollar signing bonus, there's almost no chance he will be traded after the first year.

However, I am not entirely familiar with trade rules. I know in the past teams would trade money the other way, so my question is, can a team currently trade assets AND money to Nashville in order to soften the blow of the 26 million in the first year?


To Nashville: 3 1st rounders, Ryan Kesler + etc. + 20 million

To Vancouver: Weber

This situation would obviously be better than letting Philly get him for 4 1st rounders and would allow Nashville to escape from having to pay that massive 1st year deal. Any insight?

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It's not really buying the player. It's compensation for holding on to them for one year. The example trade I made offered 3 1st rounders, Kesler + whatever other player needed. The 20 million given to Nashville is only meant to dull the 26 million 1st year salary. In essence, Nashville pays 6 million for one year of service and then he is traded for the package.

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