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[Official] GDT Wolves vs. Ice Hogs


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Surprised no one had started a GDT thread for this yet. I'll keep it simple just so people have something to comment in as it's actually already underway (3PM Chicago time start).

Lineup from @platour68, a Chicago area journalist:









(Miller, Mallet and Joslin in for Gordon, Friesen and Hunt)

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Ebbett scores, as they finally break the Hutton shutout (apart from the shootout). Came from Sterling at least on the assist.

EDIT: Connauton with the second assist after creating the turnover that led to the chance.

The Wolves are back on the PP after a careless stick caught Miller high on his helmet.

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I'm watching this game the wolves are looking good.

K Connauton is a beast i can't wait to see this big time young talented kid get his chance! I have been excited and following this kid closely the last few seasons and from what i have seen he has a great shot, a very good passer, physical, very mobile, anticipates well, pinchs and holds the lines well, has the heart and intensity needed and looks to be a team player and leader.

This kid has all the tools and is the real deal the Canucks fans will really be loving this kid sometime soon.

Canadian kids like this who have all this talent mixed with leadership, heart and intensity are gems especially come playoff time and will greatly help the Canucks for years to come.

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