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The greed and ignorance of the NHL lockout has led me to try and start a pledge from fans that will end the tactics that the owners are currently using for collective bargaining. These tactics are in complete disregard to the history of the game. Losing partial and complete seasons is unexceptable and greedy.

The lockout is a major slap in the face to all the corporations and businesses who have invested large sums of money in the NHL.

The unwillingness for negotiations disgusts me when i think of all the people that are currently unemployed. Employees who rely on their paychecks to pay their bills.

Finally the fans. The fans that made a financial and emotional investment to support their teams. Do the owners and players really care about these people??

Well lets make them start caring.


I will not attend NHL games or buy NHL apparel for a time equal to the amount of games that they cancel.

Pretty simple.....You cancel 20 games, I cancel 20 games.

So will YOU take the pledge??? That's right Blue, YOUR MY BOY!!!!!

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I selected both just because I could - CDC, ruining polls everywhere.

But really, there have been a tonne of these types of threads and the response is the same. You won't be able to make a significant enough impact to have any effect on the bottom line. The impact the NHL is having by continuing the lockout is having a larger effect than your grass roots movement.

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Well I've never been to a game, so that won't be any different anyways. As for buying stuff, that might not be different either, as I've never really bought a new jersey. I'd like an Edler or Hamhuis one though.

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