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Ask A Hotel Employee Something!

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I've worked in a three (now four) star hotel in Edmonton for over a year in the Security and Guest Services department.

Everyday I get common, and not so common questions regarding hotels, and I'd figure if any of you had any questions, I would do my best to answer them.

However, I will not tell you which chain or hotel I work for. I will be honest with all my answers, but please note that some answers may be specific to certain hotel chains.

Most of my knowledge is with the following departments:

- Security

- (some) Front Desk

- Bellhop / concierge / guest services

- (some) Reservations

- Housekeeping

- Maintenance

My hotel was built in the late 60's, and is starting to have a full renovation. Renovations are now complete.


Hello all!

Please read though all the pages to see if the question you are going to ask hasn't already been answered!

Ask away!

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We had a gentlemen who came into the lobby, took off his shirt, started swearing at guests then ran outside. He then proceeded to smash a car window, then jump from our parkade to the roof of the hotel. After kicking and spitting at one of my other security officers, he ran to a hotel that is right behind ours, pulled the fire alarm, used a couple of fire extinguishers and then started hopping on balconies until the police came and arrested him.

He was just coming off of PCP and alcohol, and was not a guest of the hotel.

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