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Lucca Magnotta Newsmaker of the Year


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OTTAWA - The selection of Luka Rocco Magnotta as Canada's 2012 Newsmaker of the Year lit up the country's social media and news web sites on Sunday with a cyclone of outrage and condemnation.

The alleged killer, who now sits in a Montreal detention centre as his case goes through the legal process, was the subject of a global manhunt last spring after a Chinese engineering student was killed, his body cut up and remains mailed to four different locations in Ottawa and British Columbia.

The event, including Magnotta's capture last June at a Berlin internet cafe, was splashed across newspaper front pages and Web sites all over the world.

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I don't watch the news. People whining about things i don't care about and otherwise sensationalized bullcrap.

I guess Lucca Magnotta falls under category 2.

Meanwhile, isn't Bieber the actual Canadian newsmaker of the year, according to Ipsos Reid?

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The parents don't care what i think. They don't know i exist. But of course i feel for them. Who wouldn't?

I don't watch the news because of the reasons you've specified. The media sensationalizes a story to death and then abruptly drops it without a care in the world when something else pops up. Combine that with all the people whining about crap i don't give a crap about on a daily basis, and it's goodbye, tv news. I don't miss it.

Lucca Magnotta is newsmaker of the year? How? He was dropped just as quickly as any of the other sensationalized stories they drummed up.

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