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Van to Edm Kesler deal


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LOL at the star-gazing Oil fans here who think this deal favours Vancouver.

Wouldn't consider that for a moment from the Canucks side.

It improves Edmonton. Their shaky blueline has UFAs Whitney, Smid and Sutton. They have a pair of Schultzes, Petry and Potter signed to one more season. They can have all the young gun forwards they want - they are going to need some serious help on the back end. They'd be lucky to land a pair of the NHL's top 15 blueliners. Gillis would laugh at this idea like a Tony Gallagher article.

The deal cripples the Canucks blueline and takes weakens them where they have the least depth - center.

Smid, no thanks. Hall is the last of their glitzy #1s that I'd want and at the position of least interest.

The only part of that deal I would consider is Eberle for Kesler one for one - and that would leave the Canucks shopping frantically for a center or two.

Makes no sense for Vancouver.

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