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[Signing] Canucks re-sign Alex Edler

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Hate to say it...to all those who were talking trade Edler...

1. I told you so

2. What were you thinking, this guy and Schnieds are our next leaders (Once Kes and Sedins step aside). Much too valuable to go anywhere.

3. Elated with this signing, kid is a stud and only going to get better. We have arguably the best defense/goaltending combos in the league (as a group)...

Love it!! Well Done MG...This must mean Lou is gone though no? How do we meet cap?

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He could've cashed in large had he waited for July 1st and he could've held the proverbial hammer had he refused to re-sign until halfway through the year after lighting it up w/ Garrison & the twins on the PP.

Edit: Looks like he left $1.5m per and an extra year of term on the table.

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