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Snowmobiler Dies from Injuries from Crash @ X-Games

Captain Aerosex

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Caleb Moore, a 25 year old freestyle snowmobile rider from Krum, Texas, died this morning due to brutal injuries sustained during this accident while competing at the X-Games on January 24th.


Moore was able to walk off the accident after being down for a while, and was diagnosed with a concussion. However, he was found to have a heart contusion and brain complications not long after going to the Aspen Valley Hospital. He was flown to a hospital in Grand Junction for emergency surgery, after which it was determined he was brain dead and had little time left to live. Doctors harvested his organs before his death for donation. His younger brother and fellow X-Games snowmobiler, Colten, suffered a broken pelvis in a crash the same night of his accident.

This is the first death in X-Games history.




My thoughts go out to the Moore family and their friends. The grave risk comes more readily with such dangerous territory, but that doesn't make this accident any less tragic or horrible.

R.I.P Caleb Moore

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Unbelievable that he was even able to stand up considering all of the trauma.

Serious crash for his brother too, christ.

There are always crazy stunts and tricks at events like the X-Games with people trying to up the ante from one year to the next, I think it speaks to the talent level of these individuals that deadly crashes are not more frequent. Caleb Moore was insanely gifted, he learned how to backflip a snowmobile in mere weeks. WEEKS! That is insane.

Unfortunately, on the day he died, he was also horrifically unlucky. At least he died doing something he loved.

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