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[Trade] Bishop to lightning

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big ben bishop 3 goals on 18 shots. I think if they offered MG conacher and a 4th, he would have taken it, lol. Too bad yzerman is of the Osgood enough school of how to get a goalie. When is he going to learn...should have ponied up for RL.

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So I press on the Bishop to TB thread right? 3 pages. Not gonna read all three pages, not that interested really... So I go to the last post; I usually read from last and up anyways.

What do I find? Some douche says he'd rather have Bishop than Luongo.

To this douche; WTF??!

Is not throwing Luongo under the bus enough? Do you REALLY HAVE to dig him a grave?

I hope you get hit by the same bus you threw Luongo under.

EDIT: spell check wrote douche instead of dude. I take no responsibility.

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