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  1. Many of JP's clients have signed in time for the season. I don't blame him at all, since he is just looking out for his clients. He's doing this job. I blame banning actually if you ask me. He prioritized the wrong players for last.
  2. His agent will probably want to cash out when he hits UFA and able to look at offers from the entire league. Smart move. I think Minnesota have to except the fact he won't sign a 3 year offer. That's always been the risk of drafting Russians. That said what a pick by Minnesota.
  3. Lambos is only 6'0. I think we need to try to bargain hunt for a 6'3 or taller. My Suggestion is Zack Bogosion, David Savard, Luke Schenn, or a Oleksiak. big righty's. Hoping for nothing more then 2 years for these guys.
  4. If it's a one night thing I think it's pretty obvious at least I would think the girls know what my intentions are for me to ask her to come to my hotel room or "my place". Or even lets get out of here means lets go back to my place and have sex. Like cmon.
  5. check out the entire tweet. Matt proceeds to ask Ray what would he do if he had a choice between Buffalo Seattle or Anahiem? What a duchebag. Dude is a great A troll. He gets called out then proceeds to question the 1000 game NHLer what a disrespectful clown.
  6. apparently a lot of people that either went to school with him, interacted with him associated with him, or even knew another player who encountered him said he is a grade a Duchebag apparently. Cocky arrogant and so for. A comment that said he shouldn't even be in the NHL had like 200 upvotes. Now these are people that encountered him, they could be bull $&!#, maybe not.
  7. trade is the best option. I take the Danton Hienen proposal right about now. I don't think the owners want to pay out Virtanen just to do nothing when we can pay him to play and it is a contract year, so we know Jake will play for a payout next summer. I know he licked balls but man what horrible timing.
  8. I'm not sure where to post this, if it gets removed I won't look sleep. Smoke Blower Matt Sekeres, started rumours as far as Boeser being on the trade block going back to the Canucks last year playoff run. He timed it perfectly at a point where he gets the most attention. Brock Boeser comes out and says he has no clue what that was about so did Jim Benning. couple months ago, he accuses Quinn Hughes of being on TRT, which is also something not true and can make Quinn look bad if he was doing it, but he wasn't. More importantly he also made it sound like Nate Smitdht has demanded a trade, which Nate also was like I don't know where this came from. I am glad Matt Sekeres gets his ass called out by Ferraro. Someone reputable for once is calling him out although many normal folks have called us Sekere's bull $&!#.
  9. wow current teams Vegas Knights has Marc Andre Fleury Canadiens has Kota. Islanders have nobody. Lighting have Stamkos and Hedman.
  10. sounds like he's not going after money, but he did say he wants to go to a team with a "fit" however he also didn't say he wants to win a cup, kinda strange. Not sure what he is, 6x6 no, if he's ok with another 1 year deal than I'm ok.
  11. Just my opinion on this situation, and not regards to Virtanens game right now. on top of hearing inside story about people who associated with him and or, people who knew someone that was associated with him (knowing another CHL player that came across him) including people that went to the same school with him. I will cut to the chase. First off I think it's painfully obvious what the intentions were. He wanted a one night stand with this girl, and everything seems to be normal in his point of view, and in his point of view, this happens a lot with some athletes. They guys sleep around. This shouldn't be new to people. You guys aware of the term puck bunny? yup he's seen a lot, these players come across this type of group before. This type of hook up is also very common wether he is an athlete or not. These one night stands happen all the time, any of us guys can go out pull some strings and find another women who wants to hook up with no strings attached. Now in this case, I'm not sure what the girl is thinking, even if she shared this story with her friends, it's obvious what the intentions were. Jake was expecting a one night stand, and he probably assume the girl knows His intentions. Add to the fact, her friend said "you hooked up with a professional hockey player" means in her circle of friends they do random hook ups. Now in the case of rape, we don't know what is happening here. To Jake Virtanen at this point in his age he's done it quite often to a point where he probably doesn't even remember which girl he is sued by. Add to the fact apparently he hooks up a lot according to an individual who he lives in the same building with. It's a different person every weekend or something. I am even going to assume, he's like who is exactly suing me? asking his lawyers for a photo probably. If we actually knew who the girl was, it will probably some guys out there who will say "oh I banged her too" type of thing. anyways in regards to Jake, I really wished we traded him for Danton Heinin when we had the chance. it's too late now. Move on.
  12. we don't need him. We can wait for the 2022 UFA's. much better players. He's worth 3x3 max. He doesn't bring much to any team.
  13. aannnnd with all these moves in hindsight now what does it tell you about Jim Benning? We can't keep making these below average signings, because it's hurting the team, and again, he's hasn't worked out, and nothing he's done has worked out, and whatever he does , seems to always backfire. This is why I cannot support jim Benning anymore. 3 million for 4th line players? one can say they are ok with it, one can also say it's way too much. 4 years 3 million per year for 4the line player? even if we roll back 3 years this doesn't even sound right. some of you guys using "doesn't matter doesn't matter" I can screw in life "it doesn't matter" at some point, his work in general over the past 7 years needs to be carefully and fairly addressed. Everything needs to be in consideration to be fair. He's missed the playoffs 5 out of 7 times. his job has 3 portions. 1 Free agency signing and contract negotiations 2 drafting 3 trades his failed on portion 1 and 3 in my opinons, he's done very very poorly in terms of the 1st part. He's overpaid many players, signed bad players and made too many of those. 2 drafting. HIs drafting his good, however how well can you do, if you can trade properly and sign properly? who the hell signs a back up goalie for 4.3 million? that is just fundamentally wrong right now. 3 trades. he's done poorly on trades also. Some were good, most horrible and terrible.
  14. hmmm right now I'm not discussing about comparing him to Joe Sakic, as Joe Sakic had nothing to do with Benning trading for guys like Linden Vey, making ill advised signings like Michal Del Zotto, Derrick Poo Alot , Sam Gagner, I am speaking all Jim Benning about how bad he's done as a GM since the 1st day he's gotten here.
  15. we need to stop comparing benning to another gm at this point. we should just focus on Benning and benning a lone.
  16. also have he waited one season, minus one beagle ferland or Rouselle signing he would have had the money to sign Petriangelo. It's rather quite sad actually, I love this team I want to see them do well, but his moves outside of his drafting have been flat out disgusting and awful. All the players he's brought in has been useless most of them. I will give credit where it's due. the Dorsett trade was good, the Vanek signing for one year was good, the JT Miller and Motte trades were very helpful. Everyone else has been very very very bad.
  17. I think the record speaks for itself. He has put together I guess a pretty solid core via the draft., however we are still the worst team in our division. We've been handicapped by bad contracts which was handed by him and it prevented from making meaningful signings when we needed the most. The bad contracts include Louis Ericsson, Beagle, Rouselle Ferland to some extent Myers, Nate S who is 5.9 million dollar. We didn't have enough cap room to make key signings such as Tyler Toffoli, because of other bad contracts. so lets look at why we are struggling. We are struggling with bad players, why is this? It looks like he's got at least 24 million dollars locked up towards bottom 6 players, which is something fundamentally wrong. Again Beagle at 3 million Rouselle 3 million Ferland at 3.5 Louis Ericsson at 6 million and Brandon Sutter at 4.3 these players didn't even dress for us down the stretch. I can't see why people can still defend this person. Players he's brought in in the past includes guys like Dereck Pouliot, Eric Gudbranson, outright low IQ players that hurted the team more. Jim Benning also made it obvious he is willing to over pay players like Sam Gagner, Michael Del Zotto. None of these players worked out for us. Jim Benning is also a short sited gm who seems to be relying on quick fix via free agency to address the problem when he should really be building from ground up. He is not the right man for the job, based on team record, previous transaction and the amount of players that didn't work out at all. I love this team more than Jim Benning. If we succeed next year than it's great, but I am as anti Benning as they come. He needs to go. It's unfortunate he's still our gm.
  18. what a load of horse crap. Watch our stupid gm bring in more bad contracts after the other bad ones fall out.
  19. This is Terrible news. R.I.p Canucks fans. Jim benning is the worst gm in team history.
  20. there is a case for contract termination if he's found guilty. He is done as a Canuck regardless. We should have taken the highest offer that was offered to Benning for Virtanen earlier. Jim Benning dropping the ball again. gg.
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