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  1. there is a case for contract termination if he's found guilty. He is done as a Canuck regardless. We should have taken the highest offer that was offered to Benning for Virtanen earlier. Jim Benning dropping the ball again. gg.
  2. we didn't draft him to think he had 3rd line potentials. Our scouts should believed he has the potentials to be an offensive player.
  3. agreed. It's not like we are playing the Bruins either, so Benn can sit, I think he should be sitting unless there is an injury. Juolevi should be a regular at this point it's a no brainer. Let the kid play , develop and let him improve enough for next year.
  4. do you think he is a better iq player than Jake Virtanen?
  5. I like Clarke, Hughes or Poor Moody boy Johnston. He's this drafts Pettersson.
  6. he was apparently taking draws in this game suggesting he might be playing centre.
  7. horrible day for Canuck fans if Benning is sticking around.
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