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*Donations to Canuck Place Children's Hospice if the Canucks win Game 3 * Total pledged - $510


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Alright, what's up CDC? Some of you might remember this thread from last year :/topic/328087-donations-to-canuck-place-childrens-hospice-if-canucks-win-game-5-330-pledged-733-for-game-4-well-done/">http://forum.canucks...me-4-well-done/

- and it's been suggested that we try this again this year. It all started in the 2008/09 season during the horrendous January losing streak at the start of Mats Sundin's tenure, and it raised quite a bit of money for the Canuck Place children's hospice back then, so we tried it again last year and raised over $900 (assuming everyone actually donated, which I'm pretty sure was the case for most people).

At the end of the day, nobody is asking you to part with your money if you do not wish to do so, and a lot of people would argue that they already donate regardless of a Canucks win or loss. But I think that this is a great cause, and doing something like this brings much appreciated attention that the hospice might not receive otherwise, and helps out a lot of kids who are less fortunate than most.

So lets see if we can drum up some interest and beat the benchmark we set last year, and you never know - it might just bring us some good karma. I'm putting myself down for $10 for game 3.



In the event that the Canucks do win, or if you just fancy donating regardless of the outcome of tonight's game, follow this LINK TO DONATE: https://payment.csfm...k_place/donate/

And if you would like more information about Canuck Place first, here's the link to their website:


Finally, as suggested by Canucks4Life123 last year, if you'd like to post a screenshot then that'd be great. Obviously make sure that all your personal details are blurred out etc.

If we get the interest, I'll create a spreadsheet on Google Docs again so that people can keep track of the whole thing, and I'll continue to update the running total in the thread title. Thanks very much, and Go Canucks Go :towel:

SPREADSHEET LINK: https://docs.google....Z0E&usp=sharing

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I am done whining, complaining, analyzing, and praying....I will dontate 20 bucks if they win or loose, at least the familes and the kids that use this great resource will win. :emot-parrot::towel::frantic::canucks::emot-parrot:

Auth Code: 034383

Order Number: 986042481367708086

Transaction Time: 15:54:46

Transaction Date: 2013-05-04

Donation information



Canuck Place Online Donation



CDN $20.00

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