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Hunter Shinkaruk | C/W

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Fare thee well Hunter Shinkaruk. You were the first "offensive prospect" this club had in many a year, and I was oft excited about seeing you score many goals for us at the NHL level. A pure goal scorer by all accounts with grit as well, something that hasn't come by easy in this organization. I hope you don't spend your career terrorizing us with your sniping ability. What once CDC fans were calling our "Kane and Toews" in yourself and Horvat is now just Horvat and the "other" Granlund brother. Here's to 238 pages of lost speculation over what you could've been for us.


Seriously, if along with ruining solid friendships among our prospects, killing chemistry in Utica, and removing their best scorer you become a solid top 6 winger in this league, I will have a hard time letting go of this one. Hope is worth alot these days, especially for us starving Canucks fans. And today I feel like my hope has been tampered with and set back once again.


All the best to you, I hope you don't ruin your career in Calgary just for our sakes, although that would be very thoughtful of you.

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3 hours ago, DeNiro said:

Another prospect development failure courtesy of the worst drafting team in the history of the NHL.

When did you seriously see him fitting in to this line up?  Shink needs to play top 6 and he's behind Baer and Sedin.  He's a victim of Baertschi's success just as Baertschi was a casualty of Gudreau.  It's my hope that Shink gets a real shot at the NHL with the Flames.  I imagine they have plans for him.

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