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Why is MG slow in signing RFAs



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Most likely due to cap constraints - players might want one-way deals, and those deals could potentially count against the cap if the Canucks send the player down (So this year the magic number is 900,000).

So for example, if Weise/Schroder want a 1-way deal, it's fine as long as his cap hit is less than 900,000. For Schroeder my guess is that he wants more money than that, so the Canucks might struggle with him.

For Tanev, its likely the Canucks want him around 1.5-1.8, whereas Tanev likely sees himself around 2.25-2.5.

But it's been 5 days people since July 5......dealing with the UFAs, coach and Utica were all much more pressing issues......

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Earlier in the summer, I heard rumours that the Canucks had delayed dealing with some of their RFAs (as well as getting certain prospects under ELCs before their rights expire) because of how much time and attention had been taken up by the year-end reviews, coaching changes, goalie situation (and eventual Schneider trade), draft, and the "free agency frenzy."

Basically, the suggestion was that Gillis and/or Gilman had spoken with a number of the agents involved and made agreements to wait until the Canucks had cleared their plates of other business, allowing them to focus their attention on the RFAs and prospects.

Yesterday, Jordan Schroeder's agent basically confirmed this:

Neil Sheehy, the Minneapolis-based agent for Schroeder, said he and the Canucks mutually agreed to put off contract talks until this week.

“To be quite honest with you nothing is holding anything up,” Sheehy said. “I had a conversation with Vancouver and basically said, ‘let’s get through the free agent frenzy,’

Read more: http://www.vancouver...l#ixzz2YiMyZFYe

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