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[Report] Gagner Seeking $5.5 M per in Arbitration

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That kind of money would suggest that he's a borderline top line center.

Problem is that he's averaged less than 50pts a season, and that's the best part of his game.

Last season he scored at a 65pt/82 game pace, but he started the first half of that (half) season at a pt per game and then his pace fell off to his usual. He's had the benefit of playing with Hall, Hemsky and Yakupov, so clearly he has some linemates who aren't exactly holding him back.

The weak parts are his terrible faceoff performance - lifetime 44% and holding steady without improvement (43.9% last year) - he has no real physical presence - he doesn't do the 'little' things (blocks a shot once in a blue moon) - and his underlying numbers aren't impressive (was 18th on the Oilers with a -14.44 corsi on, with over 50% ozone starts...

Underwhelming - and even his scoring is highly inconsistent. He might make a better winger conversion, but not what Edmonton needs.

It would be hard to pay him more than 3.5 imo, despite his part-of-a-season 'breakout' last year.

If he gets a penny more than David Booth (who brings a lot more than Gagner in addition to scoring), that ought to put into perspective all the whining on these boards about the newest target as the worst contract on the Vancouver Canucks.

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He has fallen down the depth chart for the team. He is still a young guy though. A bit much but tbh every contract I see now is too much, so there is no win/win situation in this league anymore. It's really a game of 'how much more money than necessarily do we give this guy to keep him'. The game is going downhill, I thought the lock-out would fix it a bit....sadly not. We got half a season for no better contracts :(

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