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94 SKATE JERSEY/Sedins Retirement


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Hands down the most intimidating jersey. just amazing.

Who else would like to go back to those jerseys?

I really want to see the Sedins wearing those jerseys for a game before they retire or get traded

maybe the same old layout but a more modern look to the jersey ? maybe a lace on the neck and a different font for letters and numbers?

IMO if they went back to those jerseys there would be a lot of happier canucks fans

Those of you that just put money down to buy our current jersey dont flame! just making conversation :)

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It's the jersey of passion, and worn in the Canucks' closest attempt of winning the Cup. Not only should it be worn as an alternate, but it should be worn as home white, as it was in the 90s.

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I'm not a big fan of the yellow/black/orange colour schemes of our 80's/90's jerseys (despite those being my formative Canuck fan years). MUCH prefer our current blue/green.

I could be okay with something like this though as an homage:


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