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defining moments in Canucks history


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Can you make up a list of 6 things on and off the ice that made significant and history-making events (good or bad) for the Canucks?

Here are mine:

1. Cam Neely trade = it is hard to argue that if we kept Neely, our position for years to come would have made us contenders.

2. Pavel Bure's 2OT goal in 1994 against the flames in round 1 = this goal woke up the Russian Rocket and he went on to score almost at will for the rest of the playoffs

3. Cloutier's weak shot from center ice off the stick of Lidstrom = The Canucks were in this series and had a good chance to beat the wings. This goal deflated Cloutier and deflated the Canucks. They would never recover.

4. Nathan Lafatette hitting the post in G7 of the SCF final = one inch the other way and the game would be tied.

5. Pavel Bure's elbow to Shane Churla in 1994 = I believe that this elbow allowed Bure to have more freedom to score and helped the Canucks take the Stars.

6. Alex Stojanov for Markus Naslund = the Canucks STOLE Naslund from the Penguins. Stojanov did make an impact anywhere...Naslund is a hero.

There are many more events in our history. Can you name some more and explain why they were important?

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*only going to list positive moments as that is what defying means*

- The Save

- Bures double OT winner

- Back to back Presidents trophies and Stanley Cup Run

- Naslund deal

- WCE line in its prime including its time with Ohlund and Jovocop

- Cookes playoff tying goal against Calgary

- Bieksa's Final Clinching goal

- Sedins Art Ross and Hart Winners (well not both, but w/e)

- Kesler wins Selke

....so much more I can't list em lol

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The draft of Pavel Bure ...........

Bure was selected 113th overall in the 6th round of the 1989 NHL Entry Draft by the Vancouver Canucks, following his rookie season with CSKA Moscow. The pick was controversial, as the Canucks had chosen him seemingly a year ahead of his eligible draft season. At the age of 18, he was available to be chosen in the first three rounds of the draft, but in order to be selected any later than that, he would've had to have played in at least two seasons (with a minimum of 11 games per season) for his elite-level Soviet club, the Central Red Army. However, the Canucks' head scout at the time, Mike Penny, discovered that Bure had played in additional exhibition and international games to make him an eligible late-round draft choice a year early.

The drafting of the Sedin Twins.

1. The wheeling and dealing began when Vancouver sent defenseman Bryan McCabe and a 2000 first-round pick [Ed. Note. -- This pick was acquired as part of the Pavel Bure trade to Florida.] to the Chicago Blackhawks (which became Pavel Vorobiev, who did next to nothing) for the fourth overall pick (which landed with the Rangers and became Brendl).

2. Brian Burke then sent the No. four selection and a pair of third-round picks to the Tampa Bay Lightning for the top overall pick. [Ed. Note. -- According to Burke, this

3. Next, Vancouver sent the top pick to the expansion Atlanta Thrashers for the No. two selection and a conditional 2000 third-rounder. The deal was that the Thrashers would take Stefan, leaving the Canucks to take the Sedins in sequential order.

Not only did Burke land the Twins. He managed to stick his trading partners with crap. Say what you will about Burkie. This was his finest hour.

The 1970 draft........

In 1970, two new franchises were awarded in the NHL — the Buffalo Sabres and the Vancouver Canucks. It was a foregone conclusion that Perrault would be the first selection in the 1970 Entry Draft. The two new teams took part in a roulette wheel spin to determine who would get the first pick. Ultimately, the Canucks were allocated numbers 1-10 on the wheel, while the Sabres had 11-20. When league president Clarence Campbell spun the wheel, he initially thought the pointer landed on 1 and started to congratulate the Vancouver delegation. However, Sabres coach/general manager Punch Imlach asked Campbell to check again. As it turned out, the pointer was on 11. Imlach had chosen 11 for the roulette wheel spin because it was his favourite number.This was the first year that the Montreal Canadiens did not have a priority right to draft Québécois junior players. Consequently, Perreault was available and taken first overall by the Sabres.

Perrault is now enshrined in the Hockey Hall of Fame. The Canucks used the #2 selection to choose Dale Tallon who is not.

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Managing to get both sedin's in the draft...carved out a pretty good future for a good team .

mcsorley on Brashear...all of a sudden the courts stepped in. i was there 2 nd row from ice level getting pelted with beer.

King Richard...an all star to remember

steamer...big overtime goal in playoffs, and the compete that legends are made of

Uniform changes...exactly, what should the REAL canuck sweater look like. let's stick with oe for say 10 years at least.

pavel Bure...his all out speed and rush of the 94 run

Rota,oddleifson,lupul,Snepsts,pacific coliseum...and all the ole cANUCKS these players today should give a damn about.

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