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Canadian writer Alice Munro wins Nobel literature prize


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Heard she's often been acknowledged as the greatest author of short stories(alive, that is).

Read a collection of her stories entitled, "Runaway"(2007?)..Wow! Great imagination. Like in life, you simply have no idea the direction her stories will turn. Characters that are multi-dimensional, that linger in your head, for a long time afterwards.

Often set in BC or Ontarian small towns, it's required reading for any homesick ex-pat.

Congrats to an amazing talent.

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Good Lord! Our FIRST Canadian Nobel laureate & there are THREE cmmts!? How many pages of analysis do we commit to graphic murders, or pop singers acting like insufferable whores? This is depressing.

One finds so MANY cynical commenters.."Oh, after your post, I feel so much smarter." Ironically, one DOES feel smarter for investing their time, just simply reading one short story from this exceptional talent.

For any interested in today's HISTORICAL breakthrough. Check out the NYT. So many tremendous comments from appreciative Canadians too(now, at 400). A moment to savour/remember; yet so many absorbed in throwaway trivial scandal/gossip.

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in an ideal world this would turn people on to the great "CanLit" out there right now, but I doubt it will

honestly, not a big fan of Munro's work, myself, but it's really amazing that she won

if you're in victoria, go spend some money at Munro's tomorrow to celebrate

or not

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Nah, don't let this thread die down, not just yet..news made me too DARN HAPPY! Forget the "gender deal"; as lots use this excuse to ignore great art/writers. I tell you youngins' frankly-if you want to look inside to clearly comprehend the hearts & minds of others, just try ONE of this lady's short stories. Her insight on human nature/instint is pure distilled-genius.

Wish I'd known at a younger age.

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