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(proposal) 3 players I heard will be traded (not saying they 100% will be traded)

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The three players I heard will be traded when looking at tweets and write ups seem to be kesler, edler and bieksa (kinda shocked to see him on the list) anyways if we do trade these players I think these are what we should aim for.

Kesler to ana:

Ana has two big prospects we should look at. One for top 6 one for top 9.

Kesler for Emerson Etem, Devante Smith- Pelly, 3rd round pick.

Edler to Detroit:

Detroit seems to really want and need a D like alex edler. They have a big foward who we should look at.

Edler, 4th for Mantha, Franzen

Bieksa to Philly:

Gotta be honest idk where bieksa would head. To me philly seems to be a great spot for him. He has offense and toughness. Just what philly needs. So for this one I say get a younger D plus a D who can step in.

Bieksa, Sauve for samuel morin, Braydon colburn

Rest of the season

Sedin sedin Franzen

Burrows schroeder kassian

Higgins dalpe Etem

Sestito richardson hansen

Hamuis Garrison

Coburn tanev

Stanton corrado



Offseason some more retooling will need to be done. Two or maybe three of higgins, hansen and burrows traded for picks.

Sedin sedin Mantha

Shinkaruk horvat Etem

Franzen Santorelli Kassian

Sestito Richardson Smith-Pelly

Hamuis Garrison

Coburn Tanev

Stanton corrado/ Morin



I know it is a young team but it is fitting the bigger and younger model that we are looking for. It will be a couple years but that team will be killer.

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I don't think we should give Anaheim Kesler. That just makes them even better than they already are and he would be in our division. Maybe send him to someone in the east instead? The other trades I would do.

Edit: TBH I'm not a fan of trading Kesler to anyone :lol:

Exactly what I was about to say. If we give Kesler, Ducks are going to be super scary. Basically, they are going to be us the 2010-2012 seasons and they will stay like that for the next 4-5 years.

Also, without Kesler in our lineup, it just looks so empty. I don't think he is tradable until we are sure Horvat can do what Kesler can do. Even, then I would hesitate to trade him unless it becomes clear that we need a full rebuild.

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