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  1. He distributed a nude picture of a girl without her knowledge.... dude is scum. He should have some sort of repercussions from his actions, he was already drafted into the NHL its not closing the door on his future its putting a kink in it.
  2. Can he leave the country? he does have a criminal investigation against him.
  3. but I thought the budget will balance its self?
  4. Not everyone going to a Canucks game is from BC though you have people coming from other provinces ect.
  5. not sure how you enforce this do you just bring in the piece of paper showing that you have been vaccinated? if so you could totally forge this for a hockey game as its nothing "government issued" its a piece of paper.
  6. I meant Mantha not Larkin not sure why I wrote that haha.
  7. Lol so true. I'm pretty sure they traded Vrana because they weren't sure they would be able to fit him under the cap so they traded him for Larkin who had a guaranteed contract. Then Vrana signed for less haha.
  8. Don't kid yourself Nurse is better then any dman we have on our team including Hughes. He is a big physical mobile shutdown dman that can put up points. Guy was on pace for 23 goals and 52 points in a regular season with very little PP time.
  9. Now all we need is Pettersson, Hughes, and Dickinson deals.
  10. I highly doubt that Loui get bought out, if they do its 2 mil cap savings this year and 1 mil cap penalty next or we bury him in the minors this season and you save 1,125,000 this year and he's gone and we never have to see this again.
  11. The wild buyouts had to do with the fact Suter and Parise refused to waive their NMC or else they would have done it after or not at all.
  12. They are also only allowed to select a certain amount of players that aren't under contract.
  13. They don't technically Adam Larsson is their pick from the Oilers.
  14. You do realize that we probably need to pay players more due to the fact they are paying like 55% tax compared to that of Florida where its like 35%.
  15. Hamonic at 3 per and Elder with that Joe Thornton retirement contract at 1.5 per.
  16. OEL's buyout is actually pretty decent if you need to do it at some point in the contract.
  17. OEL for Schmidt with Arizona retaining the difference in the cap would you do it?
  18. It's all about saving that 3.25 in cap space and getting out of the contract sooner.
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