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(proposal) re-tool with two trades.

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Gillis is scared to trade players like Hansen, Burrows, Richardson and Higgins. You really think he'll trade Kesler and Edler?

A Re-tool means trading our supporting cast to create room for young players. But this team in incapable of having confidence in young player to put them in real game situation. Grabner, Jensen, Hodgson, etc. They rather stick with hard working, hand of stone Higgins and Hansen. Yes you need this kind of players (not saying trade them all) but at some point you gotta trust your prospect and put them to the test....more than 1-3 games.

Thats what Chicago does with Kruger, Smith, Saad and Pirri and Pittsburgh with Bennett, Maata, Despres, and San Jose with Hertl, Couture.

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I think Anaheim would balk at paying that much for Kesler, at his age and with his medical history. I suspect Edler will return much less than that in any potential trade, if we even get him to waive his NTC.

It's harsh on Higgins to say he has hands of stone, he has 16 goals this season. Our so-called sniper Daniel Sedin doesn't have that many, if Higgins has stone hands perhaps Daniel has granite hands?

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That's just because he gets so many chances that the odds are it will go in from time to time even if it's not pretty.

Well Daniel was always considered the shooter, but his shootout record kind of shows he doesn't have such great shooting hands. Most of his career goals came from mystifying passing plays with Henrik that lead to basically an almost empty netter.

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Sedins + Luongo to Florida

Bjugstad + Gudbranson +Mathias

Edler to Detroit

Mantha To Vancouver

Hansen +Burrows + Gaunce to Winnipeg

E.Kane To Vancouver

A young, big, contender of a team.



Higgins-Horvat- Jensen


So...give everything away accept little in return. Solid idea.
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