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Elder: A Hurting Unit


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What happened to his unit?

In seriousness, since his back problems started he doesn't kill people anymore. I don't know what happened to his skill, thought maybe he was unhappy but then why refuse a trade? I'm fine with trading him to a bad team, I just have this recurring nightmare that we trade him to Detroit and Babcock makes him into the next Lidstrom.

Could probably use some better situational play.

Not a shutdown defenseman.

Not a good partner for Bieksa.

Torts has seemed hell bent on trying to force these two square pegs this season.

Don't want to nit pick the coach, but these are a couple of head scratchers.

Haven't seen the logic behind his pairings most of the season.

Bieksa and Stanton were hella good together. What gives?

Tanev seems like the obvious complement for Edler. ?

Hamhuis and Garrison played some great shutdown together...

Obviously there's more to Elder's struggles than being constantly uncomfortable - and perhaps he's still not healthy - but he sure was a different guy playing on big ice for Sweden. Has Torts' combination of ballbusting and forcing the issue backfired?

I sure would love to have the old Eddie back.

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