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Jannik Hansen-Do we need him?


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I'd like to see him stay and play a support role; He's an awesome forechecker with the rare combination of speed and grit who can put up respectable points.

That said, he isn't a critical piece of the puzzle. There are bigger fish to fry at this point.

Could have gotten a bigger return for him if the trade were made before the start of last season. At this stage in the game, my concern is that if he's traded, what comes back? Is it a lateral move? If so, he could be that guy who can slot onto any line and contribute. Build a fourth line around him and move him up a line when players get injured.

Unless, of course you can get something for him. Which I'm not so sure you could.

If he's traded it would be as part of a larger package for more of an impact player or for picks/prospects who will be playing in Jr./AHL.

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