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Cheapest Custom T-Shirts?


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Hello everyone,

Just wondering if anyone knows the cheapest place that will make us Custom T-Shirts for a team we are making in football (flag/touch kind of league), in the Abbotsford area possibly? I called a local store (Able Cresting) & they're charging 15$ for 12 shirts with a Logo on the front chest & a last name and number on the back.

Unfortunately we are just a group of teens who can not even afford the 15$ each, due to us already paying for the team fee, etc.

Does anyone know where I can get a logo on the front, last name(s) and number on back for around 10$ each?

I've attached pictures for examples of what we wanted.

Thanks, any help is appreciated!



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$15 is pretty good, especially in such limited quantities. Maybe you find something for $12-13, but the only way you'll get cheaper is if you find an exceptional deal on some shirts separately (like a couple of dollars) and then bring them in for cresting.

Go around and grab empties from your neighbours or something and I'm sure you'll figure it out.

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The team fee was 1350$ that's what drained us.

That'll hurt, but if you couldn't afford $15 apiece after that for shirts then maybe you overextended yourselves.


80's glam, eh? Once again you're showing our ages!

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