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Father takes kids to war zone


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As long as the kids were in no real danger, I think it's quite cool they did this.

A life lesson the kids will never forget.

Yep. I remember my parents driving me through East Van and skid row when i was a kid. Definitely something i have never forgotten. Learned a lot of life lessons from that experience.

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I wonder, would that be the case for everyone? I mean, would anyone exposed to the horrific nature of war stop playing war-like video games?

Probably not but it doesnt seem like he was trying to get them to not play the games, just realize the difference between the glorification of war and violence in games and movies and the reality of it.

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I was with the United Nations in the Golan for 6 or 7 months...lots of eye opening stuff there..but would I take my kids to see it? Nope. While I was there, Syrian border guards fired across at Israeli settlers, prompting Israel to shell their own side of the border, but like RIGHT THERE on the edge..to scare the bejebus out of the Syrians..and a wildfire exposed hundreds of thousands of land mines where we used to run our morning fitness routines...and I watched a cow blow up in a field it had lived in for years that apparently had one land mine still in it.

Do kids need to witness these things to 'learn a lesson?" Nah. First World Problems: too much vacation money available, not enough vacation ideas available.

EDIT: the two most scaring things I saw: Syrian orphanages near the Golan full of blonde haired, blue eyed kids...clearly not allowed to be a part of the Syrian social scene...and most buildings older than 30 years had bullet pock marks along the walls around waist or chest height...where the imagination would take you to realize was created at the moment of extermination of the former occupants during one of many wars in the region over the past 40/50 years.

I flew my wife in to visit and within hours we left for Egypt due to the ground shaking explosions of the artillery about two miles away. Kids? Heck no.

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