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  1. I have never said that. If that was the case why would he get Roussel. I remember as the Grizzlies were leaving town the GM laughing / stating that you cannot win with a bunch of nice guys on the team. So, there is that I guess.
  2. They were big in our post season. I have NHL.com and rewatched the games. Whatever Roussel said to Reeves that got him that penalty got under their skin. It was the start of the turn around. I strongly believe that we could have won the series if the BLM protests hadn't cancelled the game. We had gotten under their mojo and we were in their heads. That extra day allowed them to recover mentally. They cracked easily and we saw it when the Vegas coach said what he did about Demko. This year for the first 10-12 games it was the overpaid bottom six that carried the team because the top
  3. I do not have a dislike for any player. Hockey does not make me emotional like some. I like the strategy in hockey as I like board games like Axis and Allies and such. Roll the dice and run with it. I understand what winning teams have. I also understand that in a year or so we will be losing some guys like Beagle. So, if we can get them now they can bond and grow with the team. Getting something for Gaudette is better than nothing. It is a personal prediction based on what I have been saying / seeing from the start of this season. I have many posts throughout the season pointing at big
  4. 1. OK. Agree to disagree. 2. I did not say a bunch but I said that a few key vets are needed. You need the right room to thrive or you are the Oilers that played too many young players with no stabilizing effect from vets. 3. We will have to agree to disagree with regards to the Skill regards. We need energy players that will be able to play bottom 6. Highmore is a good, high energy bottom 6 player. We got a player that we can use for a player that had no place and may be in Europe sooner rather than later. 4. I think Benning confirmed what you typed. Sure, it happens. I am say
  5. He made it to the NHL. Played more than a handful of games. What have you done that you can make that statement?
  6. Keep Benning. New coaches. Replace them all except Clark. I really liked the look of the team on paper. I honestly thought that we had a chance to be top 2. The fact that we were winning after Pettersson got injured says a lot about the coaching and over relying on the few top6 players that Green trusts. Green over playing Pettersson probably lead to the injury. Now I know all the trolls will get upity so here let me break it down a bit.\ 1. Eriksson was having a good year prior to his signing the contract. The idea was to help the Se
  7. Their role is to help keep the puck out of the net. They are role players. When they do their job, I am happy. Gaudette caused more goals to be scored on and rarely scored because he is not good. That means he has no role on the bottom 6 and there are better players to fill the top 6. I guess you like losing.
  8. Gaudette was the anchor. happy he is gone
  9. He also had a pretty big hit but I do not remember it well
  10. Because it is a rumour. Lots of people think that means it is the bible.
  11. Do you believe every rumor you read? How would you have reacted if he had traded that contract and then he had come over. He really cannot win with posters like you, Canuck2288 and others. You just love to live in the sewers or under the bridge and whine and complain. I really hope this is just your internet avatar speaking and not your real personality.
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