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Jagr living legend


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He said he wants to play till 50. I could see him playing in the NHL for at least another two years.

He has gone through all three lockouts and spent three seasons in Europe. Had there been no lockout and/or if he had never went to Europe to play for three seasons, he could easily have been second in all-time points right now.

Getting those points will be a huge accomplishment, especially if he can actually pass Messier playing for teams like NJ -- not exactly known for offensive prowess over the years.

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I don't expect him to retire until he has surpassed Lemieux in every single statistical category.

He may pass Lemieux in every category statistacally, but Lemieux was far superior I think. Just look at how many seasons/games Jagr has needed just to catch up to Lemieux. Id have to look into it, but Im not sure if Lemieux even played 1000 regular season games. Both players in there prime Id take Lemieux 8 days a week over Jagr.

Jagr is awesome though.

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