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Idaho mother shot by toddler, 2


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Even now they often refer to them as kapewers (spelling?)

"Kapew" as in the verbal sound effect of a gunshot?

That's actually a very intelligent thing to do. Call it a boom-stick instead of a shot gun. Eventually they'll need a reality check about the dangers of guns but keeping the idea of firearms out of a developing mind for a while is smart. Until the are at an age where they can fully grasp the consequences of incorrect uses for them, and understand safety procedures in depth.

Thanks for the idea.

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The mom definitley fracked up, no doubt. Having the weapon in a quality concealment holster would have been a better choice.

Regarding the talk of the safety being engaged. A lot of handguns don't have a safety. The "safety" is between your ears and in your index finger. Most concealment holsters are made with a trigger guard meaning you cannot press the trigger unless the weapon is drawn.

The US military, police and secruity personnel (vast majority, anyway) carry with a full magazine and a round in the chamber and if there is a safety to engage, it is set to "fire". The reason is simple. Seconds matter if you were to have to draw your weapon. There is also argument that under extremely stressful situations, your fine motor skills get severly impeded so manipulating a safety switch could be a lot more challanging. (Also a reason why a lot of instructors teach to "sling shot" the slide when reloading instead of pressing the slide release)

I carry the same way. My work weapon has a safety (Beretta 92FS), my personal handguns do not. While this mother was careless and tragically paid for her mistake with her life, further consideration should be taken when you are carrying with children around. Seems like common sense, but not so much is this case. Perhaps she should not have kept a round in the chamber or carried a weapon with a safety that could be engaged since children were around. Maybe if she hadn't carried it in her purse... We can Monday morning quarterback all we want. I'd definitely be open to different options while carrying around kids. Better to learn from someone's tragedy than to mock it.

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And that's my point, that gun owners fighting so vehemently to be able to buy assault rifles and not have to register and give them away at bank promotions and... well, I digress, but that even the ones people say are model gun owners and extremely responsible still can be careless and it ends up with someone dying. And even then they say people shouldn't use that instance for any reason since the person was apparently responsible the other 99% of the time.

All I'm asking for is some sense of reason from the people who are the loudest about the issue when it affects them.

That's complete speculation. As if you know about and have analyized every incident where a gun has ever been used. Offensively/defensively/accidentally. The biggest issue with guns is safety education and common sense. The lack there-of of either, even if only momentarily. Can lead to these unfortunate circumstaces. That doesn't change the fact that inanimate objects do not do anything themselves.

This is tragic yet preventable.

Uh, I think that's the point. This incident involved someone who was educated and seemingly a model gun owner. And yet, she still ended up dead due to her own carelessness.

And have you analyzed every incident? I'm pretty sure other people have and that's why they have stats readily available about these kinds of things. They don't recommend properly securing your guns and properly training yourself how to use it because the guns might go off themselves...

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