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Jannik Hansen is breaking his hands of stone

Everybody Hates Raymond

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I love hansen as well, but playing devil's advocate..........him playing so well only increases the chance of him being moved. I truly think at least one (preferably 2) of Higgens, Hansen, Burrows or Richardson needs to be moved by the deadline. Hansen probably has the most value in that group right now.

well sure. But that applies to any player. So he is tradable if the asset coming back exceeds what he brings to the team.
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Was just looking through his stats today, and wow - he's on pace for his best season in terms of goal scoring yet, far and away.

Currently, he's sitting at 10 goals and 8 assists. That's in 44 games, putting him on pace for around 19 goals and 15 assists. That'd be his best season yet - and that's with him jumping between the forth and third lines the majority of the season.

Comparably, last year, Hansen finished with 11 goals and 9 assists. He's pretty much at the same point after 44 games this year, as he was after 71 last year!

However, he's not on pace for his best overall season - with 2011-12 leading the pack, thanks to his 16 goals and 23 assists that season.

However, it does go to show that Hansen is finally chiseling away at those hands of stone and figuring out how to pot it more often. Here's hoping he picks up the pace in the second half of the season and can break 20!

Go Canucks Go

He's still just a 3rd or 4th liner respectively, nothing more.

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