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[Rumour] Ehrhoff intereted in Vancouver?

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It's Hockey Buzz, so take it for what it's worth, but here's the quote from the page:

"Ehrhoff Interested in Vancouver

Just found this tweet from News1130, who spoke to Christian Ehrhoff's agent Rich Curran this morning.

'News1130 Sports

Curan tells me that yes, Vancouver would be 1 of the teams Ehrhoff has interest in signing with on July 1st. #Canucks'

Ehrhoff has certainly had some ups and downs since leaving Vancouver to sign his $40-million contract with Buffalo after the 2011 playoffs.

He made it through just three years of that contract before being bought out. The big red flag now is the two concussions that the 32-year-old suffered last season. He missed 33 regular-season games in total and all of the playoffs during his time with Pittsburgh last year.

When he was in the lineup with the Penguins, he was terrific. And it's hard not to fondly remember his role as quarterback on the Canucks' then-No. 1 power-play in the league. He scored 14 goals in both his seasons in Vancouver.

Ehrhoff was considered a bargain when he signed for $4 million with Pittsburgh on July 1 last year. I would think, with his health issues, that his price tag might go down.

We don't know how many other markets Ehrhoff and his agent might be considering but the best hockey experience of his life came here in Vancouver. Perhaps he's willing to keep his asking price reasonable to come back to the west coast."

Here's the link to the whole page: http://www.hockeybuzz.com/blog/Carol-Schram/Vancouver-Canucks-Utica-Comets-Playoffs-Resume-Ehrhoff-Interested-in-Van/194/68930

I don't know how legit this is, but Ehrhoff would be a very nice stop gap on our PP unit until we can bring a young PPQB in via the draft or trade. Maybe he could mentor Clendenning? The risk like the article states, is Ehrhoff is massively injury prone. So that's the down side. I don't know where he fits in though, with us wanting to get younger. I would love to have him back though, he was a beast while he was here.

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Already a thread on it and,

You messed up Hoff. Left us when we most needed you and now it's too late. You're also up there in age so just go get your money wherever that may be because it won't be here.

Wrong. With Benning in charge, we'll be handing out another albatross this summer.

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